World Record Cover Artwork

World Record [BCCD008]

A contemporary fusion of material with World Music influences

Title Description Full 1 Min 30 sec Sting  Save
Stop Motion   Travelling light through a cool neon night login
Crazy Ukulele   Jolly ukulele foot-stomper beats the blues login
Buena Vista   Sensuous guitars dance beneath the Spanish moon login
The Jig's Up   Folk dancing fools a' prancing login
Shamrocker   Explosive Celtic bangs and whistles do battle with feedback guitar login
Eastern Promise   Stirring Arabian big-screen epic login
By The Waterhole   Travel-weary visitors gather for a long, cool drink login
Monastery Mists   Darkly spiritual mystic meditation login
Pyramids Chase   Breathless pursuit through sand and shadows login
Caravan of Dreams   Epic trek across wide-screen desert-scape login