Sorted 2 Cover Artwork

Sorted 2 [CDGML 9800]

A compelling moods-up sign of the times.  Brimming with youth attitude and sounds of the indie scene.


Please note, the tracks in this section are for audition purposes only.  If you wish to download them please use the following link. 


Download Tracks from Sorted 2

Title Description Full 1 Min 30 sec Sting  Save
Upstart Upbeat cool 'n' cocky get-up login
Hell Yeah Street savvy tite-funk rumble login
Mind Sweeper Edgy captivating heady lo-fi login
Wildfire Pure pop guitars rock the fashionista login
Bittasweet Simple dreamy no-fuss bliss-out login
Cheeky Monkey Jaunty hipperty-pop sing-a-long swank login
Blitzed Upbeat electro rocka cops an attitude login
Streetwise Steady travelogue smooth-down slippage login
Dreamfield Slow reflective acoustic loungin' login
Cloud 5 Intensifying easy rider counts in fives login
Funk Fiction Dirty funksmith oils the wheels login
Chilli Dogs Serious lite-rock smouldering trip-out login
Better Things Mellow thoughts and laidback emotivism login