Noiseniks Cover Artwork

Noiseniks [BCCD002]

Rock, Metal, Thrash, Punk, Indie, loud & proud, rockin' guitar band style (may contain progressive beats)

Title Description Full 1 Min 30 sec Sting  Save
Kickstart Riff rich glock-rock: heavy & harmonic guitars login
Boy Racer Sawtooth powerchords, groove bass, hooky guitar spikes & synth shadings login
Shakedown Sunny intervals, thunderstorms later - loose, funky guitar fest login
Blazing Aggressive bass-driven beats with synth hooks & powerful organ & guitar login
Rocket Fuel Uplifting rocker with tight, powerful guitar riffs leading melodic fuzz bass login
Bustin' loose Powerchord & feedback frenzy over driving bass & drums login
Bigger Rocky guitars duel over punchy bass login
Investigator Surveillance, pursuit and interrogation: dark synths, heavy guitar, electro percussion login
No Mercy Suspenseful mix of simmering guitars & brooding synths login
Crime Lab Grittily optimistic guitars with unsettling synth & percussion fx login