Primetime Cover Artwork

Primetime [BCCD004]

Network themes for news, weather, sport, morning, afternoon, evening and late night listening.  A stylish choice whether you're changing rooms or scoring goals

Title Description Full 1 Min 30 sec Sting  Save
Sunset Rendezvous 12-string acoustic guitar, harmonica & accordion with a Cajun seasoning login
Fuzzpoppy Bright, percussive, jangly guitar pop login
Doubletake Guitar, organ & bass meet for slippery gear-shifting retro funk login
Let It Roll Driving, uplifting country rock withy harmonica & slide guitar login
Surfin' Cowboy Spaghetti western meets west coast beach beat: twangy guitars & haunting vocals login
Crystal Bright, optimistic festive guitar theme login
Christmas Crystal Winter wonderland: bright, optimistic festive guitar theme with Christmas bells login
Ripple Effect Warm, laid-back guitar, accordion and mellotron login
Lovers' Lounge Organ-led, mellow, melodious cheesy listening login
Primetime Laid-back TV theme with synth melody, strings & brass login