Sorted Cover Artwork

Sorted [CDGML 5100]

Serious guitar attitude gives indie culture the once over. 


Please note, the tracks in this section are for audition purposes only.  If you wish to download them please use the following link. 


Download Tracks from Sorted

Title Description Full 1 Min 30 sec Sting  Save
In Yer Face Full-scale egotistical rocker login
Glamstand Young guns slam the glam login
Le Pop Sportif Free 'n' easy streetwise hustle login
101 Degrees Retro lava lamp scene login
Undercover Liquid deep narcosis login
Freaky Sussed retroactive hip hop login
Jumpers Something for the weekend? login
Skidazzled Groovy intercity daydream login
Party 7 Funkadelic retro icon login
Lizard Boy Pill pop rollercoaster login
Half Light Mellow velvet serenity login
Mangrove Way Slinky chilled underground login
Bond Street Fresh-tec fills and thrills login
Wipeout Locked on and loaded login
Gliding Smooth minimum friction login