Architextures Cover Artwork

Architextures [BCCD005]

Textural ambience, moods, atmospheres and soundscapes

Title Description Full 1 Min 30 sec Sting  Save
Architextures Cyclic piano with FX ambience login
Ghost Planes Haunting atmospheric textures with Asian violin login
Journeyman Insistent electronica drives beat through rhythmic FX login
Shimmer Upbeat electronica with melodic harp login
Thrum Suspenseful ambience login
Melting Spacious, gently uplifting solo piano login
Lost Frequency Mysterious sci-fi radio seeks to tune in login
Tiger Lily Mellow, repetitive backdrop with soft ethnic flute login
Space Junk Floating synths orbit distant galaxy login
Sonic Disturbance Unsettling, brooding, multi-textured dissonance login